Carbon Fanavaran AmirKabir

Amirkabir Carbon Technology Company (Satya Tech) has been established with the aim of producing high-tech products, supplying raw materials for important industries, and replacing imports.

Polymer coatings

Consultation and supply of industrial coatings with desirable properties and performance. Formulation of polymer coatings based on expectations and weather conditions using epoxy, acrylic, polyurethane, alkyd, and wash primer resins.


Providing resin supply and consultancy for the formulation of special composites; composites based on epoxy and phenolic resins, and glass, carbon fibers. Achieving desired properties and performance by formulating the resin used.


Adhesives for muscle bonding Carbophen, Coldbox, and Resin coated sand are carbon technology products. Carbophen and Coldbox adhesives have been developed and industrialized for the first time by Carbon Technology

Brake pad

The production of adhesive for brake pads and Novolac resin for brake pad powders is a product of Carbon Fanavar Company, which is marketed under the brand name "Propenol." Efforts have been made to offer these products in different grades to achieve the best results with different production lines and formulations.

Brake Pad

Brake pads of light and heavy vehicles and trains

Brake pad is a super safety piece in vehicles that plays a key role in the operation of the car's brake system. In order to improve the quality of products, different grades of adhesives have been produced to cover different formulations of manufacturers...

Research and Development services

Carbon Fanavar AmirKabir Company is able to provide research and development services due to the utilization of experts from various fields in the areas of synthesis and production of resins, adhesives, polymer coatings, composites, and designing production lines.

Synthesis and production of resin and adhesive.

The current activities include the development and research to achieve technical knowledge for the production of high-tech resins and adhesives. One of the areas of operation of Carbon Fanavar Amir Kabir Company is research and production of imported resins and adhesives.

Polymeric colors and coatings

Colors and polymer protective coatings against corrosion are part of this company's research fields.

Polyurethanes and epoxies

Formulating and processing isocyanates and epoxies to achieve the desired behavioral and functional properties are among the research areas of this company.


Producing composite parts with expected technical specifications such as desirable mechanical and thermal properties is among the research areas of this company.

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